Body shops are over priced and time consuming. Everybody knows that by now. However, many are still unaware of how much they could be saving with paintless dent repair! PDR has proven itself to be the fastest and most affordable way of maintaining your vehicle’s resale value. Call Jabuti LLC today at 605-858-1401 to schedule your repairs with the best Rapid City PDR team!

Budget Effective Rapid City PDR

Jabuti Hail Team is Rapid City’s premier option for fast and affordable PDR. No other company can match our rates thanks to our “no deductible” policy and turnaround times. Our business model is very similar to a “flat rate” model, which means we charge you for the damages repaired and not the time spent. Since we have such extensive experience in PDR we can restore your vehicle like new in no time! Then, we waive your deductible and simply take the pay cut. Many customers have some understandable reservations when it comes to our policies. Namely their concerns of fraud and cutting corners. Neither is happening at Jabuti LLC. Our pay comes from our ability to deliver high quality repairs in a timely manner and we would never want to jeopardize our relationship with our customers. Ultimately, by law no one can force us to charge our customers unfairly. We prefer to take the pay cut and make up for it with the fastest PDR in Rapid City!

Boost Your Blue Book Value

Perhaps the most enticing quality of PDR is its potential to restore your vehicle’s value. Vintage collectors, car enthusiasts, and casual drivers can all benefit from a fast and affordable way to maintain their blue book value. But how can PDR do this? The magic is in its non-invasive technique. PDR does nothing to alter the original paint of your vehicle leaving the factory finish intact. This is important to many drivers because a new paint job could mean there was some serious damage prior and many paint jobs simply aren’t as good as the original factory version.

Small dents may not seem important but they can be a serious detriment to the health of your vehicle. Allow our Rapid City PDR team to make your car as good as new. We have dedicated more than 20 years to perfecting our craft and delivering the best rates in Rapid City. Call Jabuti Hail Team today at 605-858-1401 to get your free quote!