There are many benefits associated with paintless dent repair. The technique involves using specialized tools and technicians to work on your car to remove dents and dings without interfering with the original paint of your car. If you decide to remove dents from your car while employing traditional methods, you will have to repaint the car so that you can hide the marks created while trying to remove the dents. It is a totally different situation when you decide to remove dents from your car with Rapid City paintless dent repair.

If your car is exposed to hail you stand the risk of heavy damage to your car. You can get the dents removed without harming the original paint from your car by bringing your car to Jabuti Hail Team. We are a specialized team of Rapid City Paintless dent repair experts that can work the dents out of your car until it’s factory fresh using in house techniques and tools.

Benefits of Rapid City Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal is a cost effective method

Paintless dent removal doesn’t require any sanding or filler when repairing your car. Instead, our Rapid City paintless dent repair team uses non invasive strategies of approach to massage the dent back into place. This leaves your car looking brand new with no affect to the paint.

It repairs dings of all sizes

Paintless dent repair isn’t the solution to all body damage. However, it is capable of removing 80% of surface level dents of varying shapes and sizes. You won’t find a more versatile form of repair on the market.

No stress of matching vehicle paints

Paintless dent repair won’t affect the paint job of your car at all, unlike body shop repairs. This makes it a perfect solution for cars with custom paint jobs or special materials.

Removes dents fast

Paintless dent repair usually takes under a day to complete. Even tough hail jobs only take a few days. This is far faster than the several weeks your car could spend at a body shop.