Rapid City Hail Repair

Hail storms happen unexpectedly and can severely damage your vehicle. While one dent can potentially lower the resale value of your car, dozens could spell disaster. The damage may look irreparable, but luckily your local Rapid City hail repair team is on the job. With more than 20 years of PDR experience and 15,000+ cars repaired we are certain we will exceed all of your expectations!

Fast Repairs

Paintless hail repair is fast. Extremely fast in fact. Most repair shops handle dents with a variety of complicated steps, waiting periods, and materials. This can stretch out the repair time to a ridiculous amount. What would take a body shop two weeks only takes our Rapid City hail repair techs two days. This is because PDR’s streamlined procedure only uses one specialized process that will have you back on the road in no time.

Rapid City’s Best Rates

In addition to being fast, paintless hail repair is also inexpensive. It can save you money much in the same way it saves you time. The extensive process used by body shops is labor and resource intensive, meaning you are paying for more than what is necessary. This can potentially jack prices up to nearly three times! By simplifying the process we have minimized material and labor waste to ensure you only pay for the repairs you receive.

Give Your Car a Boost

Perhaps the most important benefit of paintless hail repair is it’s ability to boost your resale value. Part of a body shop’s process involves removing, filling, and repainting the dent, resulting in a nice swirly finish where the damage used to be. Our methods, however, are noninvasive so we don’t affect the original paint job at all. In addition, we use industry recognized procedures so, with comprehensive coverage, your insurance company may cover the damages.

Whatever the cost of the damage is, the price of leaving a dent unattended is certainly going to be worse. Call Jabuti Hail, your Rapid City hail repair experts, today at 605-858-1401 for your free quote!