Should You Buy a Rapid City Hail Damaged Car?

Sometimes hail damage can score you a huge discount on a brand new car, but are you really getting what you paid for? Most often the answer would be yes, but there is also no shortage of sleazy salesmen in Rapid City looking to make a quick buck off of other people’s excitement. The trick to finding a great price on a hail damaged car is to be cautious and thorough. If you can adhere to the following steps then you are sure to strike a serious deal soon!

Find Out Why They Are Selling

Aside from the typical answers (I need more garage space, it’s time for a new car, etc.) there is one universal goal every seller has in mind. To get the most value out of their vehicle. However, you and the seller have conflicting objectives in mind. One wants to make money, while the other wants to save. If you really want the best deal possible then you need to know their car better than them.

Firstly, you need to see the car for yourself. Not an image and not over video; but In person, in sunlight, and totally cleaned. A dirty car can easily obscure severe hail damage. Secondly, get the car appraised by two or three trusted Rapid City body shops. The seller will often give you an estimate of all the repairs but it might not be as accurate as you would like. Finally, talk to your insurance providers before making anything final. It’s possible they won’t allow you to get comprehensive coverage until all of the damage is repaired. You can call us today at 605-858-1401 to see if your Rapid City hail damaged car is eligible for PDR.

Know the Signs of Interior Damage

  1. Paint Chips – Paint damage is always a bad sign when it comes to buying any car. All modern vehicles have a urethane finish that helps protect the metal from the elements. This also helps prevent rust and corrosion. If the paint has been chipped then there could be more than just cosmetic harm.
  2. Window Damage – Broken windows are dangerous but during a hail storm they can put your entire vehicle at risk. If water leaks into the interior or, heaven forbid, the electrical system then that car could be in serious danger. Additionally, depending on the state dealerships aren’t required to disclose whether or not the window was replaced.