Rapid City Door Ding Repair

Dents are terrible. They’re ugly, annoying, and sink your car’s resale value like a ton of bricks. Too often do lazy pedestrians get away with bumping and bruising your beloved vehicle. When it comes to regular old dents they always come when it’s least expected. While there may be no shortage of DIY techniques online nothing can replace the hand of a trained professional. For premium Rapid City door ding repair from the best in the industry call Jabuti Hail Team today at 605-858-1401!

How Does PDR Work?

Paintless dent repair is the most effective way to repair door dings on any vehicle. While the process is very simple to understand, it takes a professional to get the most out of it. The purpose of PDR is to reform dented metal back to its original position without affecting the paint finish. However, its primary focus is on simplicity. In most cases any dent can be repaired without the need to remove or replace entire panels. This also makes it the fastest form of dent repair available. Ultimately, PDR is picked over traditional methods for how quick, affordable, and effective it is at boosting resale value.

Should You Do It Yourself?

You don’t need to go to Rapid City PDR school to fix a door ding, but some level of experience is needed to avoid complete disaster. It is more than likely that the first dent you attempt to fix will just result in more damage. If you’re dedicated to learning PDR then pick up a junk car or an old piece of sheet metal. This will make a great practice canvas. However, if you need the ding removed now then it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Why Jabuti Hail Team?

There are hundreds of dent repair options available so why should you pick us? Because Jabuti Hail Team is Rapid City’s #1 PDR option for door dings, hail repair, dents, creases, and much more! We have dedicated more than 20 years to consistently delivering fast and affordable repairs to Rapid City. Passion for our work and clients is key. We would rather take a legal pay cut than give you a raw deal. Actually, we do! Jabuti LLC will waive your deductible as a pay cut to us instead of raising our estimates and making insurance companies compensate for it like other dent repair firms.