Rapid City Door Ding Removal

Whether it’s from a runaway shopping cart or lazy pedestrian, door dings are always annoying and detract from the beauty of your car. However, avoiding them can be nearly impossible at times. Dings often strike unexpectedly, taking you off guard. So how should you handle it? Should you take your car into a body shop and leave it at that? Or should try your own hand at it? Our exclusive Rapid City door ding removal service might be exactly what you’re looking for! It is a convenient and affordable alternative to expensive body shops.

Say No To Expensive Body Shops

To preface, Paintless dent repair can’t fix everything. Body shops have their time and place. But too often we see drivers get a raw deal from a body shop that claims to know dent removal. Here at Jabuti Hail Team we have more than 20 years of experience in repairing door dings. Dedication and love for what we do is the key to our success. We use our knowledge to improve our speed, prices, and results everyday! Most jobs can be completed in a matter of hours, then you’ll be back on the road in your factory new car. All for a fraction of the cost body shops charge!

No Deductible?

Furthermore, Jabuti Hail Team goes the extra mile to bring you the best Rapid City door ding removal rates available. Our logic behind this is very simple. We just take a pay cut. Our business model is very similar to a flat rate model so with our talent and tools we repair your vehicle in a timely manner. Then we waive your deductible, taking the lower pay to secure the job. There is no fraud, corner cutting, or strings attached. Nobody legally tell us to charge our customers unfairly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s from a careless pedestrian or lazy shopper, all door dings are a nuisance. Our premium Rapid City door ding removal team is the perfect solution to overpriced body shops. Call 605-858-1401 today for your free quote!