Rapid City Ding Repair

Dents are notorious for ruining perfectly fine days with their unexpected nonsense. They may seem like they aren’t a big deal at first, but simple dings can quickly get out of hand if left unattended. Therefore, it’s imperative that you find a reliable Rapid City ding repair crew to maintain your car’s value. Call Jabuti Hail Team today at 605-858-1401 to schedule your free quote!

What is Jabuti Hail Team?

Jabuti Hail Team is a talented Rapid City ding repair crew that is dedicated to delivering high quality work at affordable rates. We have over 20 years of PDR experience including 15,000 cars repaired, making our track record the most impressive in the area. Since I created our four part plan several years ago we’ve completed every step including:

  1. The prep phase and studying the competition
  2. Finding the perfect area to start a business
  3. Setting up a permanent shop
  4. Bringing affordable high quality repairs to Rapid City

So, if your car suffered from a ding recently contact Jabuti Hail Team, the bets Rapid City ding repair crew today at 605-858-1401 for your free damage estimate!

Fast Returns and Affordable Rates You Can’t Beat!

Part of my four step plan was to bring affordable high quality repairs to Rapid City and we have stuck to it. That’s why some local companies will refer you to our shop. Our excellent quality guarantees every customer and insurance firm will leave satisfied. In addition, we work on a ‘no deductible’ policy so we always have the lowest rates in Rapid City. Many clients can be confused by this at first but it’s really not too complicated. We simply take the paycut that comes with waiving your deductible. If it means securing another loyal customer we’ll gladly take the lower profit. After all, no one can tell us how to charge our customers.