Having a car is almost a necessity in today’s society. They are a huge investment and just like any other investment you need to protect the long term value of it. However, all vehicles are susceptible to body damage and this is no more apparent than in Rapid City. It’s easy to forget when sheltered by your vehicle, but the body of your car is constantly exposed to the elements. Over time it gathers wear and tear like dings. Repairing these in traditional body shops is often time-consuming and expensive. That is why so many people are switching over to paintless dent repair. Jabuti Hail Team is Rapid City’s #1 ding removal company.

PDR is Designed for Minor Dings

Paintless dent repair is easily the most efficient method of handling minor body damage. It’s a low cost and time effective process that was built with small dents in mind. Paintless ding removal does not require sanding, painting, or panel removal. In fact, all it requires are special tools and the skill of a talented technician. This makes for a very quick and inexpensive process. Jabuti Hail Team’s technicians have some of the most extensive knowledge in Rapid City thanks to 20+ years of ding removal experience.

Body Shops Use Outdated Methods

On the other hand, regular body shops still apply the same old techniques that use sanding, paint removal, and fillers. The problem with this is that it rarely provides perfect results. It leaves spots that are still slightly uneven with the rest of the body. Additionally, the new paint job never matches the factory coat, so it ends up looking spotty. Because of these issues, vehicle owners often decide to have their entire car repainted, which ends up being an even bigger expense. Naturally, this is a disaster for any vehicle with a custom paint job. Many Rapid City drivers have  already switched to our ding removal service for more consistent results.

PDR is Essential to Hail Repair

While paintless dent repair isn’t an end all solution for all body damage, it works perfectly for hail damage. Under normal circumstances PDR can repair hail damage seamlessly. It takes an exceptionally large hailstone to crack the paint on impact. Additionally, the damage won’t appear on your driving history since you won’t need to repaint your car. At Jabuti Hail Team our hail repair expertise is second to none. That’s why it’s in our name. We are the best Rapid City ding removal team around. Call us today at 605-858-1401 for your free quote!