There are several factors that make up the resale value of a car: Proper maintenance, mileage, and appearance. Most buyers will want to buy from a reputable seller that cares about the look and functionality of their car. To maximize your resale potential you need to care for your vehicle inside and out. Minimize your mileage, keep Rapid City body shop service statements, and most importantly, remove your dents and dings.

Maintenance History & Mileage

A vehicle’s service history can reveal a lot about its current state such as the integrity of the owner. A thorough collection of service records from Rapid City body shops is proof of an owner that is willing to spend money on their vehicle and take the time necessary to keep it in its peak condition. However, not all sellers have access to their maintenance history. Sometimes they might be overlooked or forgotten during a move. While cars with records are undoubtedly more trustworthy there’s no reason to shun a car without them. Just take a little extra caution. Have a Rapid City mechanic perform a thorough inspection before signing any papers. Also double check the mileage to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Rapid City Body Shop & PDR

Maintaining your car’s physical appearance is arguably just as important as regular maintenance. Firstly, Keep your car’s interior clean. Activities like smoking and eating can permanently stain your car seats and trap the smell in. This creates an uncomfortable environment for most potential buyers so they are more likely to question the condition of other aspects of the car as well. Additionally, maintaining your vehicle’s outward appearance will go a long way in protecting its resale value. Always repair body damage in a timely manner. Dents and dings can crack the paint finish on your car resulting in rust, corrosion, or much worse so make sure to have a Rapid City dent repair expert correct the damage.

Paintless dent repair will always be your best option for maintaining a dent free car. It’s quick turnarounds and low cost put any Rapid City body shop to shame. Combine this with a dedication to your ride and you have a recipe for great value. Call Jabuti Hail Team today at 605-858-1401 to find out more about maintaining your car’s physical value!