How can Jabuti waive your deductible?

It’s really not too complicated.

Short answer is; We take a pay cut.

(1.)  Longer version; We have a business model that’s real similar to flat rate. Flat rate, by definition, is:

“a charge that is the same in all cases, not varying in proportion with something.”  Our income is determined by how much hail repair we finish in any said time.

Which means, after 20 years in the business combined with our talent and the specialised paintless tools we use, we can repair your vehicle in a timely fashion.

This, in turn, means waiving your deductible is simply a pay cut.

(2.)  The main concern with not having to pay your deductible is there may either be fraud being committed or something is not being repaired (cutting corners) to compensate for our loss of income. Neither is happening with Jabuti LLC.  Fraud tied to hail claims and deductibles usually amounts to the repairing facility raising their estimate to make the insurance company “cover” it.

We NEVER do this.

For hail repair on your vehicle, a majority of the repair is our manual labor. It’s our time physically repairing your car or truck with PDR tools.   Our margin of profit in the car is based on our ability to repair it in a timely fashion without compromising quality. We do not cut corners.  We guarantee everthing we do with a lifetime warranty.  Again, it’s simply a pay cut that we are comfortable with because our talent compansates with speed.

(3.)  Ultimately, by law, no other entity can demand Jabuti LLC charge a certain rate to the end customer.  Therefore if we charge you $500.00 less on your job so we can secure it, we are perfectly within our legal right to do so.

SO, to summarize how we can waive your deductible legally:

1. Simply put we take a pay cut.  2. No fraud is being committed, because we are only estimating genuine costs to repair your car or truck.  3. No one can tell us how to charge our customers.