Preventing a Hail Damaged Car

Hail storms can strike unexpectedly and South Dakota’s are some of the worst. In fact, South Dakota holds the United States record for largest hailstone ever recorded at 18.5 inches around and weighing in at nearly two pounds! But the thing about hail storms is they don’t just drop one ball of ice. They pelt your car relentlessly. Often times the damage looks irreparable. Luckily the Jabuti Hail Team are veterans of hail repair. We are excited to share our 20 years of hail damaged car knowledge and experience so you can protect the value of your car.

Invest in Some Protection

With the growing population and condensing of cities it is becoming more and more common for homes to come without a garage. Now we need to find more creative ways to protect our cars. Without a doubt one of the easiest ways to protect your vehicle is to invest in a car port. These are simple tents for your car that can protect it from hail damage. They come in many different sizes and there are even budget friendly options available. For an alternative solution take a look at these portable hail covers you can buy online.

Check Your Insurance Plan

Protecting your car is very important, but you can’t always be ready for every situation. If you have comprehensive insurance you covered for most situations. Comprehensive insurance covers damages when there is no clear liability. This includes theft, fire, hail damage, etc. We even have a special ‘no deductible’ policy on all of our repairs because we believe everyone deserves affordable access to high quality repairs.

Find a Hail Repair Team

Once your insurance checks out it’s very helpful to have a hail repair team at the ready. Jabuti Hail Team has more than 20 years of hail damage experience at your disposal. We have fixed more than 15,000 cars with hail damage, dents, dings, and others of the like. If your car has been dented, dinged, or damaged by hail call Jabuti Hail Team at 605-858-1401 for your free assessment today!