The Best Way to Keep Your Car Dent Free is to Avoid Dents Entirely

Dents and dings happen anytime and anywhere. Even in Box Elder. There are many steps you can take to avoid damage where it’s likely to happen, but there is no 100% effective way to prevent annoying door dings. In most cases the best you can do is try. Here are a few tips to minimize minor body damage.


  • Park where it won’t get damaged. Away from other cars, crowded places, and children.
  • Kids are reckless. Educate them on the value of a car and how to treat it respectfully.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. You don’t want to swing your door open next to a fire hydrant.
  • Practice your parallel parking. That way nobody can park next to you!

If all of your efforts don’t work out then you need a Box Elder door ding repair team!

Don’t Miss the Little Details

When you see that first dimple in your factory finish, maintaining a level head isn’t your primary concern. As a result, lots of important little details tend to slip by. Things like the car next to you parked at an oblique angle, or that tipped over shopping cart just a few feet away. Small details like this can provide important insight to the cause and culprit of the damage. When you find a dent in your car record important information such as:

  • License plate numbers
  • Date & Time
  • Location & Surroundings
  • Take pictures of the damage

Photos of the damage will go a long way, especially when filing a police report and making a claim.

Sometimes it’s best to go through a paintless dent repair service for minor door dings rather than contacting your insurance immediately to avoid a ridiculous deductible. At Jabuti Hail Team we waive your deductible so you are only charged for the quality timely repairs provided. If you need an estimate before contacting your insurance providers call our Box Elder door ding repair experts today at 605-858-1401 for yours, free of charge!

The Right Coverage Can Go a Long Way

After getting quotes from a few PDR companies call your insurance providers. A shocking amount of drivers don’t actually know what they’re getting with their insurance or simply aren’t aware that it covers dents and dings. A quick phone call will clear that up. The keyword here is ‘Comprehensive Coverage.’ If you have comprehensive coverage then 90% of your standard dents can be repaired with no money out of your pocket. Most Box Elder insurance companies recognize our non-invasive methods as safe and effective so we won’t show up on a service report!