How Do Dents Happen?

Mother Nature can take her anger out on your car in hundreds of different – yet equally infuriating – ways. From the common hail storm to less predictable sources like rural wildlife, it seems like she’s always out to get you. Not to mention all of the less than natural causes like careless drivers and pedestrians. Dings are simply unavoidable so it’s best to take any precaution you can to maintain your vehicles value. If your car was damaged recently call our Box Elder dent repair experts today at 605-858-1401 to find out if it can be repaired for less with PDR!

The PDR Process

Over the years, paintless dent repair has gained its reputation through fast and thorough results, but it requires a good deal of skill just like any other repair process. Most technicians don’t have any official schooling but they do have a much more valuable characteristic: Experience. The dent repair process can be broken down into two simple steps.

Getting to the Dent

Gaining access to the dent is often the most difficult part of the repair process. All surface dents occur on panels that make up the framework of your vehicle. These panels can be removed to make the process possible. Additionally, we may need to remove tail lights or interior panels to gain a better perspective. Our process begins with a free damage assessment. Call our Box Elder dent repair specialists today at 605-858-1401 to redeem yours! Once we have made a proper estimate and plan of entry it’s time to begin the repairs.

Working Out the Dent

Working out the dent is where a tech’s experience really shows. This requires a lot of patience and precision but the results are worth it. Using specialized tools, we carefully massage the exterior back into place to restore your factory fresh state. Our non-invasive processes ensure that not a single drop of paint will be out of place. A great tech will leave absolutely no trace of any body damage whatsoever. Depending on the severity of the damage this can even be finished within the same day!