For many motorists, a visit to the body shop can be a tedious process. Long wait times and costly repairs just to end up with another report on your service history? No thank you. Why do body shops need to be so inconvenient for such minor damage? The simple answer is, they don’t. Not for small dents and dings at least. For years paintless dent removal has provided a faster cost effective way to manage minor body damage, but with recent advancements in technology it has become much more accessible.

What is PDR All About?

Paintless dent removal is all about solving three major issues that make body shops so unappealing:

  • Cost – Body shops are too expensive. They simply aren’t built to accommodate for minor damage. Now, most body shops employ PDR technicians either in shop or by outsourcing to handle dents.
  • Time – Everyone’s got plans. And we don’t all have the time to wait for our car to leave the shop. Most PDR jobs only take a day or so to complete so you won’t need to wait or waste money on a rental.
  • Headache – Working with body shops can be overly complicated and just a chore in general. Our Box Elder dent removal team offers personal help with your paperwork from start to finish to alleviate that headache.

So Who Should Be Repairing My Car?

Always entrust your car to a professional. Some drivers might decide to try their luck with online tutorials and DIY methods. Unless you are an especially skilled technician already, this will almost certainly end up with a trip to the body shop anyway. It’s better to be safe and find a Box Elder dent removal shop.

Depending on the damage, you may end up going to a body shop anyway. One good rule of thumb to keep in mind is the paint rule. If the paint has been cracked, chipped, or scratched, you will need a body shop to replace it. For a quick and easy way to tell if your damage can be repaired using PDR call our Box Elder dent removal experts at 605-858-1401 to schedule a damage assessment.