About Us

Have you ever had a dream?  The kind of dream that involves challenging your status quo, a dream that will open doors?

That is who we are.

We had a dream of opening a permanent shop in a hail prone area.  We had a dream of helping any we involve ourselves with.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished when the team you are on has that same vision, a collective work ethic and a passion to help others.  Because we work together we are accomplishing our dreams.

As the owner of Jabuti LLC dba Jabuti Hail Team, I had created a 5 year plan several years ago.  It involved; (1) Studying competition and creating an efficient “win from all angles*” approach to this industry. (2) Finding a perfect area to operate our business in. (3) Setting up a permanent shop. (4) Facilitating customers with hail damage on their autos.


1.  Any who interact with Jabuti LLC in both a business or a personal way should benefit from it.

2.  When we arrived in the Black Hills in ’13 we weren’t intending on staying.  Once we got to know the locals, get to see the surronding areas and recognized the frequency of hail, we knew this was home.

3.  We now have a permanent paintless dent repair shop on Cambell St, in Rapid City.

4.  We have now helped almost a thousand customers in the Black Hills area in less than two years.  Our customers come back. Why? Because our talk is also our walk.


So now that we are set up, permanent, now what?  Our dream now involves many other areas:

1.  My son and I coach youth football in the BHYFL. We have no children in the league, we do it to invest.

2.  We value our Oglala Lakota neighbors and are working to help them how ever we can.

3.  We plan to purchase property and build our dream/retirement home in the hills.

4.  We support other youth organizations and sponsor as we can.


Who are we? What are we about?  Building dreams into reality via our own unique way.


Come see us and let us service you!


*What is our “win from all angles” philosphy?

If Jabuti LLC repairs your vehicle, here is who wins:

1. You. No deductible, a guaranteed repair, and possible an incentive from our team to yours.

2. The insurance company. We perform high quality repairs in a timely fashion.  They love this. It’s why some local companies will recommend you to our shop.

3. Us. We repair your auto, we EARN income.

4. The Black Hills area. We invest in this area. We always will use local before not.


This is the “win from all angles” philosophy….


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